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Wilson Fiduciary Services

Managing Transitions

Linda K. Wilson, CLPF, NCG

Private, Professional Fiduciary 

Licensed in the State of California 
Providing services in Texas & California.

Phone (805) 451-7775

Wilson Fiduciary Services provides trustworthy stewardship over the financial affairs and personal care of clients and beneficiaries.  I help people navigate safely through some of life's transitions. 

Mission Statement

Wilson Fiduciary Services is committed to providing honest, professional and compassionate assistance to families and individuals in times of transition as follows:

  • Protect and preserve clients' assets

  • Respect the individual's dignity and uniqueness

  • Maintain client confidentiality
  • Promote maximum independence

Services Provided:

  • Administer Trusts & Estates

  • Formulate Asset Investment Plans

  • Monitor Investment Performance

  • Report to Beneficiaries

  • Make Discretionary Distributions

  • Sell or Distribute Assets as Needed

  • Manage Real Property

  • Pay Bills and Maintain Records

  • Coordinate Tax Return Preparation

  • Provide Consulting Services to Non-Professional Trustees 

Please look around my website and if you have any comments or questions,

feel free to contact me.