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Wilson Fiduciary Services

Managing Transitions

Lori A. Lewis, Partner

Linda is the ideal fiduciary: mature, experienced, and resourceful. I have had the privilege of working with her on several conservatorship, estate and trust matters, and in each instance, found her to be prepared, knowledgeable, diplomatic, and effective. She brings her prior training as a legal secretary/paralegal, realtor, and trust officer to the role of fiduciary administration, all of which allow her to administer the financial affairs of conservatorships, estates and trusts, extremely efficiently and effectively.

Robert Renaud, CPA

I am a Certified Public Accountant and I have worked with Linda Wilson as a Trust Officer for many years. Her approach with me has always been personable, yet totally professional. She always made me feel as if I was the most important person on her agenda. In the current business world, Linda shines above others.
C. Stanley, Client 

As the beneficiary of a trust administered by Linda Wilson, I found her to be the best thing that could ever have happened to us at a time of need.  She was aware of every detail that needed attention; she was always a mere phone call away; she responded immediately with complete and knowledgeable descriptions of items in progress.  Her personable and warm manner were a constant comfort to us at a time when we were floundering. Her guidance was a godsend. She will always have our trust and gratitude!

Lol Sorensen, Attorney-Mediator

I have worked on behalf of clients with several excellent trust officers in my career as a lawyer.  Linda Wilson is the most compassionate, devoted, and diligent trust officer I have seen.  I commend her without hesitation.

Sue Hollingsworth, CPA

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Linda Wilson to others, based on the terrific job she has done for my long-time client.

Linda originally stepped in to assist my client with bill paying, but soon proved her worth in many arenas. Her warm manner and easy conversation quickly put the reluctant client at ease.  I have found Linda to be extremely honest and trustworthy, which is always a concern when including an outsider in a client's financial matters.

Linda assisted the client in organizing her paperwork, indexing and taking important original documents to the safe deposit box at the bank, gathering and organizing income tax documents, and communicating regularly with the other professionals on the client's team.

Beyond those "office" tasks, Linda took the client for tours of housing options, including apartments, retirement facilities, and houses, in the process of evaluating the best fit for a different place to live.  In addition, Linda arranged for a realtor to list the client's current home for sale, and helped the client stage her home for improved market appeal.  Through all of this, she was very attentive to the client's need for assistance, or lack of need, through evolving circumstances.

I appreciate the high quality of services that Linda has provided to my client, and I highly recommend her to you if you are seeking care for elders or others who are in transition.