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Wilson Fiduciary Services

Managing Transitions

Effective January 1, 2018

Case Management/Trust Consultation:                                                               $100 per hour

  •  Coordinate & facilitate home placement &/or engagement of care providers

  •  Oversee personal care & health care needs

  •  Provide property management

  •  Assist with bill paying

Conservatorships* (Limited, Person, Estate) & Custodian Services:                                                                                                                                                                       $135 per hour
(*subject to Court approval) 
  •  Marshall and manage assets                                 

  •  Prepare Inventory & Appraisal

  •  Monitor environment

  •  Supervise medical care 

  •  Report to the court

  •  Provide bill paying & record keeping services

  •  File tax returns

  •  Provide property & personal care management

Trust Administration (Initial/Successor Trustee) & Powers of Attorney                  
(General, Limited, Springing, Durable):                                                               $150 per hour

  • Take control of and preserve trust property

  • Invest assets prudently

  • Provide record-keeping and accounting services

  • Assist beneficiary with planning expenditures

  • Distributes income

  • When provided by trust instrument, exercises discretionary power  to pay principal to                  beneficiary if funds are needed

  • File tax returns

  • Manage real estate

  • Distributes trust assets when trust terminates

Compensation of Court-supervised Personal Representative:

  •  In California, the personal representative (e.g., the Executor or Administrator)  shall receive        compensation based on the value of the estate; in Texas, executors are entitled to receive a        commission based on a percentage of the amount of cash that passes through their hands.       

Compensation for extraordinary services:                                                        $165 per hour 

  • Additional compensation is charged for extraordinary efforts required to marshall assets,             obtain loans, sell real estate, distribute personal property, mediate family disputes and litigate     on behalf of the client
Court-supervised accounts are paid upon court approval or in periodic payments pursuant to the Probate Code of the State where the estate is being administered.  All other matters are paid from client funds upon invoice.

Legal Disclaimer:  Linda K. Wilson is not an attorney. In situations where an attorney is required, we may retain legal services on behalf of the client and such services will be paid directly from client funds. Should you have legal questions, please contact your preferred attorney.